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How to keep a man

How to keep a man - Today, this issue is becoming increasingly popular among the charming representatives of the weaker sex. He may become acutely confronted by women at different ages due to the emergence of a real threat of a break in relations, as well as if the man’s attitude began to cool.

Every woman dreams of regaining her former passion in relationships, tenderness and interest, and therefore she begins to rush in search of a universal remedy or introduce any means that can hold a strong half of humanity, restore novelty and revive passion. Often, being in despair, the weak half begins to listen to all the advice on how to keep a man, often not entirely true, and sometimes simply stupid. Unfortunately, however, such a magic tool does not exist. And, above all, every woman should think, maybe it is in her reason for the cooling of the man.

How to win and keep a man

Unrequited love, probably, was experienced by each of the people. Scars on the soul only begin to heal after a certain time, and unfortunately, mankind has not yet invented another medicine for cupid's arrows. However, do not despair if you notice that the person you like is not paying attention. Indeed, in love, however, as in war, all methods are good. Therefore, you need to achieve their own, if a man really you like.

The most important rule in the conquest of the impregnable male heart is that the man whom you are going to conquer, in no case should know about it. That might scare him. In men, a completely different psychology from the female. They look at the world from the other side, and if the woman is flattered by courtship from the side of the stronger sex, then men, on the contrary, will only alienate the attention of women.

How to attract and keep a man if he does not notice a woman in you, and sees only a good comrade? Do not despair. There are no situations at all without an exit. You will be able to captivate him and keep near you only if you have one hundred percent certainty that you need him, with decisive and courageous actions on your part.

So, the first step on the path of "conquering the top" will be the search for information about the elect. You need to try to find out all the possible information about a man. Having common interests favorably contributes to the formation of some connection between you. After all, common interests are an inexhaustible subject for joint leisurely conversations.

We should not forget that each representative of the strong half has its own ideal and standard of femininity, beauty, character of the future companion of life. Therefore, if you know exactly what kind of girls he likes, then consider that half of the key to the heart of a man is in your hands. Although in this case, you can trap the pitfalls. After all, if you are planning a long and serious relationship with this man, then it is better to remain yourself. Otherwise, your chosen one will love not you, but the invented image.

The next masculine feature that must be taken into account in the struggle for his heart is that the strong half, for the most part, love with their eyes. Therefore, if earlier you preferred a comfortable sporty style or a prim business look, then you should immediately start a shopping spree to update your wardrobe with clothes that make you more feminine, give the look of elegance, mystery, attractiveness and desire.

The man you are seeking to conquer must see in you, above all, a woman with a capital F, not a comrade. However, in the pursuit of changing the image should not overdo it. The more hidden, the more it causes the desire of men to find out what is hiding under clothing. Leave him space for a flight of fancy. Seductive image is not synonymous with vulgarity. To dress beautifully, stylishly, elegantly, but at the same time to look attractive, feminine and charming - this is a whole art that you need to comprehend in order to fight for the heart of a man.

It often happens that the man externally liked the girl, but after a couple of minutes of intercourse she lost her temper. And this is understandable. After all, although the strong half is also greedy for external attractiveness, it still values ​​brains in a woman. They like women who know how to listen and keep the conversation going, smart and interesting. Remember that the strong half like reasonable, sensible, interesting and without excessive emotionality, women who are able not only to keep the conversation up to standard, but also to have the ability to listen. Therefore, if you have started a conversation with a man whom your heart is aimed at, remind yourself that he is still not a girlfriend, so do not talk "without a word", listing all the events of the day or your life.

You noticed that the first defense fell and your relationship began to develop. And then the question is brewing - how to keep the interest of men? In order to do this, you just need to give him the opportunity to take the initiative. During this period, you should try not to be intrusive. You do not call him endlessly and do not throw a bunch of SMS. After all, you are already interested in him, now give him the opportunity to express themselves and care for you. A man should think that he is conquering you, that he made the decision to look after you on his own, and not thanks to a well-thought strategy of conquest. Man, by nature, a hunter and conqueror, so you need to give him the opportunity to show these two innate instincts.

Your plan was a success, you are already an official couple, but something is wrong - the addiction has replaced the romantic feeling, which often leads to indifference. After all, enticing a man is much easier than keeping him for a long period of time. However, there are proven ways to revive the ardor of the senses.

So, a few tips on how to keep a man near you.

• Forget about reproaches, baseless accusations and excessive jealousy. Most often, it is these negative sides that darken the relationship and lead to the cooling of feelings. It is necessary to learn how to solve the arisen problems calmly and with the help of a compromise, at the same time, trying not to spoil the mood for both of you. But jealousy should not be shown at all. Your man needs to be trusted.

• At any meeting with the chosen one, you should always be in a good mood, and you need to look at all 200 points out of 100, while remaining quite a bit mysterious. A man should be sure that you have an interesting and eventful life, in which a lot of fascinating things happen. You should not show him that you dress up exclusively for him and for his arrival.

• Do not restrict male freedom. However, this does not mean that you bless him to meet with other girls, you just need to know the measure everywhere and follow certain limits. Make sure that your concern does not grow into total control, and love into obsession.

• Try, from time to time, not to answer your beloved calls and refuse to meet with him, referring to the important and urgent matters. This will prove to the chosen one that your life is in full swing, that you cannot run to him on dates at the first whim. This behavior will lead to the fact that the man will begin to seek meetings with you. However, it’s still not worthwhile to part with refusals to meet with him. This may lead to the opposite result.

A man must be constantly surprised to not lost interest in you. The girl, about which everything is known, becomes absolutely not interesting.

An active demonstration of confidence that you are attractive to the opposite sex will help you answer the question - how to keep a man’s attention. If you have complexes related to external attractiveness, you should not mention them in front of a man. Confident in her own beauty and herself the girl will always seem more seductive.

A man should feel like a master of the situation. He by nature tends to dominate. Therefore, give him the opportunity to make decisions and take care of you. If it so happens that the decision made by him does not suit you at all, then try to convince him so that the man is sure that he has come to the decision you need yourself.

How to keep a married man

Is it possible to keep a man bound by marriage and promises to love another woman up to the grave? It is possible, but rather difficult.

Ways to keep a man who is married, are different, but they will all require your determination, unshakable confidence in your actions and endurance.

Your behavior should embody loyalty and unpretentiousness, undemanding of a woman who doesn’t need anything from a man just to love. Combine the emotional and naive romanticism, reliability and care. Cocktail of these qualities has a truly magical and enticing effect on a man.

How to keep a married man? Do not try to replace your lover's wife. Such actions only alienate the man. This means that when it is impossible to wash, cook and clean. Favorite comes to you to take a break from everyday problems, enjoy peace and harmony. Therefore, to meet him you need a beautiful and loving woman who is able to give his chosen one unforgettable moments of happiness and joy. He should not share you with the kitchen or washing machine. The man took the time to spend it with you. It needs to be appreciated. This behavior contributes to the growth of male interest, which over time can develop into a rather strong feeling.

In order to keep a married man, in no case should not arrange tantrums. For example, if a loved one unexpectedly canceled a date because of the need to urgently solve any family problems, you need to respond to this calmly and support the man. After all, you initially knew what you were going on. Therefore, your constant motto, which will accompany day by day should be the word - endurance! Your outward calm and patience are a kind of foundation on which further strong serious relationships will be based.

To keep a married man, do not whine if your ringed friend could not escort you for an anniversary or other celebration. Do not reprimand him for having to spend weekends, evenings, holidays alone. Better find yourself some business or hobby. You have to understand that as long as the family for a loved one is in priority, his wife has more rights to him than you.

Try not to get used to a married man and do not consider him the only one in life. After all, he will leave you to his wife. If you cultivate the idea that this person is your destiny, if you are strongly attached to him, then the separation will be torture, which will lead to bouts of jealousy and resentment. In the end, all this you pour out on your beloved, but ringed boyfriend. But he comes to you to relax and enjoy your society, and not for a portion of the scandals that he can get at home. With this behavior, you just push the man away. Therefore, when he leaves, we do not dive into suffering and do not suffer from loneliness, but take care of ourselves. You can meet with friends, visit the pool, play sports, go to a beauty salon. There are many activities that will not let you get bored. The main thing is to understand that the light on the man did not come together.

These ways to keep a man will not give an absolute guarantee that the beloved will divorce. But, certainly, it will be frightened off by excessive obsession, hysteria, whimsical and exactingness of a woman, meeting with whom should be a holiday. The main advice to all women - in any case, do not fall in love with unfree men! After all, it is likely that they love their partners, only their senses have dulled a bit, they wanted to change. Often a married man does not even realize this himself. But if suddenly the possibility of divorce loomed in front of him, then he suddenly begins to feel heartache, which leads to the understanding and realization of love for his wife. Therefore, very often husbands stay with their wives. The destiny of mistresses only temporarily warm their beds, and then again experience a comprehensive feeling of loneliness.

If you nevertheless have achieved their goal and become a legitimate wife, do not rush to rejoice. After all, the man left a common past with his former wife. And no matter how desirable, but one cannot get away from it. Often, communication between a man and a former family does not end after painting, especially if there are common children. Therefore, the woman who became the cause of the breakup of the family should be prepared for the fact that the husband will spend time with the children and help. The former spouse is also unlikely to leave a man alone. She will ask for help, interfere in your relationship, be interested in the affairs of the former spouse. She will actively encourage her ex-husband to take part in her life and the lives of children. Also, the ex-spouse can throw mud at you in front of his friends, parents, turn children against you. Many of his friends will sympathize with her, and despise you. To this you need to be ready. If this happens, then in order to preserve your marriage and feelings you should be patient, understanding, wisdom and forgiveness. Therefore, before you destroy someone else's family, you need to think about whether you have enough strength for it. If you are climbing into someone else's relationship, then do everything possible and impossible for the happiness of a man. And if you can not, then think, maybe you should not be interested in the question of how to attract and retain a man who is married to another. Maybe it’s still better to find an unburdened man and start a family with him? Take a look around - decent free men will be enough for everyone.

How to keep a man at a distance

Many women are tormented by the question - is it possible to keep a man at a distance? It is possible, but rather difficult. However, if you take into account some of the nuances and follow simple rules, love can be maintained for a long period of time, regardless of distance.

How to keep the interest of men at a distance? In the modern age of intellectual technology, relationships at a distance are increasingly common. The current representatives of both sexes, unlike their ancestors, today are quite mobile, can travel, visit different points of the globe, meet and fall in love right on the road. Now even convinced couch potatoes manage to meet and fall in love, without leaving home, via the Internet. If this is your case and temporarily there is no opportunity to live together with the chosen one, then you need to somehow keep, constantly reinforce his feelings and interest.

Do not regard separation as personal drama. Consider that this is only a temporary circumstance that must be overcome on the way to happiness. Treat separation as a true helper, which will help to ensure the sincerity and depth of your feelings.

To make your relationship no different from the relationship of a loving couple living together, you should talk with each other as often as possible, talk about how you feel, how the day went, about your experiences, share the news. Be interested in the affairs of the chosen one, say that you love him.

Should not be overly obsessive. Therefore, do not call him a thousand times a day and do not throw messages on social networks. Excellent help to maintain love and strengthen relationships at a distance video calls using special computer programs.

In order not to be overwhelmed by the feeling of jealousy, you must initially agree with your loved one that under any circumstances you will trust each other, you will not make hasty conclusions. Learn to always tell the truth to each other and believe what has been said. Jealousy and distrust in relationships at a distance kill any feelings, cause bewilderment. That is why so often relationships fall apart.

How to keep the interest of men at a distance? Try to reinforce your connection with meetings. Even short, but quite bright dates, saturated with positive emotions, will allow you to constantly stir up feelings. If you live waiting for the next meeting, it will be easier to tolerate separation.

Learn to switch. Constant waiting for the next meeting with your beloved can be a real test, which in the end simply exhausts you. Therefore, you need to switch to other important aspects of life.

As long as you do not live together, you have a great opportunity to become better. You can do self-development. Pay attention to personal growth and your appearance. After all, as they say, there is no limit to perfection.

Do not neglect communication with friends and relatives. It is not worth spending your life on having to be depressed in loneliness. The less free time you have, the less often you will be asked if you can keep a man at a distance. Следовательно, вы будете меньше нервничать и тревожиться по пустякам, а значит, не станете донимать своими переживаниями своего мужчину, что не может не сказаться благоприятно на дальнейшем развитии отношений.

Можно ли удержать мужчину ребенком

От многих женщин, находящихся длительное время в браке можно услышать разные советы как удержать мужчину. И среди них один из самых распространенных способов - это родить ребенка. Is it possible in this way to achieve the desired result? If so, how to keep a man near him with the help of children?

How it looks from the moral and ethical point of view. After all, a child is not given birth for a specific purpose, but in order to enable the tiny little man to live. Making a decision about pregnancy, first of all, you need to think that you are giving birth to a baby, not for yourself, but for him.

There are quite a few cases of man’s retention with the help of children, but they are all different. For example, the threat of divorce hung over his wife, and she decides to become pregnant or a boyfriend has thrown the girl, and she is blackmailing her with a child. There are many reasons to go through manipulations with the help of a living person, even though a small one. However, none of them can justify this behavior. This is the case when not all means are good.

So, how to keep the attention of a man and his love with the help of a child?

First, do not use the baby as a reason for the return of a loved one. It looks too ridiculous and only testifies, first of all, about your excessive egoism. A man must understand and realize that you will cope with all the difficulties and without it. If you are pregnant, just tell him about it and leave. Such behavior will surely touch his self-esteem and push him to action. However, this is not a fact. If, however, this did not happen, then do not despair, then a man is simply unworthy of you. A new life has arisen at your heart, and now you need to think about it first of all. So, as a child will love you - no one will ever be able to love.

If a man has left you for a new passion, then you should not interfere in a new relationship. After all, most likely, your actions, deeds, and behavior could have served as the reasons for the break in relations. Think about it, maybe he escaped from excessive obtrusiveness or total control, and maybe from constant quarrels and abuse? Before you go consciously on the path of manipulating a man with the help of a child, may, at first, it is better to work on improving yourself and eliminating shortcomings? Even if it does not return you the former man, but it will open many other possibilities.

In no case should not impose a future baby man by force. Such behavior, rather, will push him away even more, and not only from you, but also from the child. Think about the fact that your behavior can deprive the baby of his father. Did he deserve it?

Holding a person against his will in all countries is considered an offense. Think about the fact that you deliberately go to the "atrocity", trying to keep a man with the help of a child. And although there is no criminal or other responsibility for this “crime”, it is worthwhile to think about the moral side. After all, this act, in itself, is immoral, you consciously apply personality manipulation, play with its feelings and ruin its life.

If you have a goal to keep your husband, it means that you feel his cooling. Probably, unconsciously, you understand that your partner wants to get a divorce, you have found a new partner in life. This happens quite often: people do not fit each other's characters, they make mistakes when choosing a partner, the partners simply were not ready for marriage, there is no true love, they cannot coexist together anymore.

Also, a man may be going to leave you because of annoying constant conflicts and endless quarrels. Or maybe just love is gone. In such situations it is better to let the person go without holding him. What would be better is to give a person the opportunity to build a new happy life, but without you, or with you, but life will be filled with spiritual suffering on both sides, endless swearing and reproaches, which, in the end, will lead to mutual hostility. Will you be able to accept the fact that this man absolutely does not like you, that he is with you under duress, from a sense of duty and responsibility?

Trying to keep a man with the help of manipulation of children, think about what you are doing against his will and desire. If you really love him, then let him go. After all, love is not compatible with selfishness. True love is the feeling of happiness from the fact that the beloved is healthy, we love, he is doing well. After all, love is not only a feeling, signified by an ardent passion for a particular object, but also a desire to live with a partner all your life, to take care of it and give joy. Love - release. Believe me, in the world a sufficient number of other representatives of the stronger sex, who will not make you suffer, will love you sincerely, and there will be no situation with them when you have to hold them by force.

So, you thought about yourself and your feelings, thought about the feelings of your spouse, and now you need to think about the child. It should be understood that men do not bear children for 9 months, they do not have a connection that unites the mother and child throughout their lives. They generally tend to love children only from the woman he loves. Therefore, if you become pregnant, and the man does not love you, you should not have illusions that he will feel something, except for annoyance, towards the baby. In cases where the husband remains in the family not because of love for the mother, but because of duty, the duty to raise and raise the child, the baby is unlikely to ever feel fatherly love and care.

Psychologists have long established the fact that children should be brought up in love, in families in which parents live in perfect harmony with each other. It is on their example that a baby forms its own consciousness, behavior and attitude, develops character and prejudice. Children growing up in an incomplete family, witnessing a bad relationship between parents, lack of love, do not grow mentally stable. There is a high probability that they will begin to appear various mental disorders, stress, increased anxiety, they may be prone to deviant behavior. Often, such children, when they grow up, copy the model of parents' behavior in their family life.

Now think, do you really want to put your baby at such a risk? Will you be able to sacrifice the mental comfort of a child for the sake of illusory happiness with a partner whom you hold with the help of manipulations and blackmail? Maybe you need to first understand the reasons that pushed the man to break up the relationship? What blunders have you made that negative has appeared in your connection?

Is it possible to keep a man a child? Most likely you can. However, you need to think very well about whether you really want to solve the problems in the relationship in this way and take into account all the possible consequences of this act. If a man left, then something did not suit him. Having a baby does not help solve problems in a relationship. To resolve them, there are many effective ways. You must understand that your actions will affect not only your own life, but also the further formation of the child’s personality and the life of the beloved man. Consider whether the illusory happiness is worth the ruined fate of three people.