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Why do men leave women

Gender relationships are a mystery and involve certain difficulties. Most women mistakenly consider male psychology to be a primitive thing, often unsuccessfully trying to understand why men abandon women. Regardless of the fact that relationships are work, and often huge, proud and stubborn women make many mistakes. Often the stronger sex behaves with restraint and does not cover the motives that prompted the decision about parting, the maximum of them is the phrase: "I'm sorry, we do not fit each other."

If natural curiosity is not satisfied and you want to know the true reason for parting, in order to avoid mistakes in the future, we recommend discussing the situation with a psychologist and understanding what actually happened. In general, the reasons why men leave women are different. Let us dwell on the main ones.

Main reasons

Idealizing partners

The dominant mistake is the idealization of each other and the desire to appear better. At the beginning of a relationship, idealization is simply necessary; it is the impetus for contact, the trigger mechanism for a relationship to originate. What happens next? The partner is not capable of 100% always to meet the expectations of another. Every idealization inevitably leads to disappointment.

For example, a woman-child, by her type of behavior, chooses a companion who performs her fatherly role for her. If the partner has a need to take care of the half, then such a pair is in some sense perfect. But in most cases, the constantly giving partner gets tired of it. The desire to constantly take care is exhausted and then the decision is made to get rid of the relationship. Leaving a man is regarded as a bad deed, such as he left the woman, but he could not do otherwise. Responsibility for the relationship is equally borne by both partners, this must not be forgotten.

Distrust of women

If you learn to notice your mistakes, accept them, try to solve problems together, then relationships can give happiness, if not, then the feminine trauma is guaranteed. Women, not realizing themselves, create situations when men want to quit them. This is due to the fact that in childhood, mothers did not teach boys how to maintain healthy relations between the sexes.

The problem of gender relations today is more acute than ever. Women will be interested to know that the peculiarity of male psychology lies in the subconscious distrust of women. Psychoanalyst and psychologist K. Horney believed that this was caused by anxiety and resentment that always interfered with relations between the sexes. Anxiety is expressed in a deep-rooted fear of not being the main thing in a relationship.

Who is in charge?

Note that a man fears only attractive women, whom, however much he desires, he tries to keep in obedience. Elderly femines, on the contrary, have respect. Male fear hides, both in the over-exaltation of femines and in the contempt for them. This explains why the man keeps the weaker sex in obedience, since he himself is intimately dependent on the woman. The factors of a psychogenic nature related to a man are at the heart of the power struggle between the sexes.

Distant pursuer

Representatives of the two sexes often do not understand each other's feelings. The stronger sex often tries to distance itself emotionally from relationships, and women, on the contrary, are passionately towards them.

For this reason, Thomas Fogerty introduced the concept of "distress" man and "pursuer" woman. It is typical for the stronger sex to hide their feelings from everyone and to stay at a safe distance, as they are wary of serious relationships. The strong half avoid obligations, dependence, considering it painful because of selfishness and fear.

At first, men play the role of pursuer, but this is only for seducing a woman. Noticing the intensity and rapid development of relations, men make an attempt to distance themselves. Their departure back makes women activists and begin the pursuit of the desired partner. A woman is driven by the fear of breaking off relations, the man, feeling the pressure, is pushed away even more.

Desire for independence and freedom

Why do men still throw women? This occurs because the scenario of the development of relationships is dictated from childhood. The stronger sex is afraid of losing masculinity and independence. It is often difficult for mothers to allow sons to show independence, as a result, they move away from them, feeling guilty.

In the future, men will immediately avoid relationships, if the young lady is more than demanding, begins to develop a sense of guilt in him, because he does not want to satisfy her needs, does not meet her needs and ideals.

The distant man is moving away from obligations, for him independence and freedom are more important. These are the highest values. For a woman pursuer, intimate values ​​are close relationships. For this reason, a man throws a woman without explanation, her life in a man becomes so much that the male psyche does not withstand such pressure. Often, the same reason is connected with the fact that men leave pregnant women and women with children.

Women's misunderstanding

The main claims of the stronger sex to femin are expressed in the fact that a woman, saying no, means yes. It is difficult for men to understand when no is, and when yes. They do not like confused talk, avoid controversial situations. Living mind, ignoring feelings. For the stronger sex, women are immensely demanding and emotional.

Women strongly surround their halves with care, not leaving them free space. The weak half because of this is constantly offended, silent, believing that men are obliged to independently guess the cause of the offense. And if men are inert and do not want to notice women's whims, women are even more offended, believing that they are not loved. The beautiful half tirelessly wants to talk about relationships, men are annoying.

The weaker sex refers men to the "cold", unwilling to form a strong bond, which are indifferent to their feelings. The stronger sex often says yes to behind them, and means no.

Not an interesting woman

Gradually, the man begins to realize that he is bored in a relationship. No matter what: in sex, or in conversations. If a man is looking for a long-term relationship, then he will linger longer near the smart lady, so that he could talk with someone, and in bed it was good. A silly young lady who is interested in TV shows and female gossip, he does not need anything. Hence the conclusion: a woman should constantly increase her IQ, develop as a person, be a little actress, liberated in bed. Constraint in the intima will force you to look for a replacement on the side, excessive activity will force you to conceive, and if someone else is familiar with the bed talents of his woman.

Not compliant characters

If everything seems to be good, but scandals are brewing from scratch, no one is going to compromise, then one way out is separation. By nature, a man is a leader, the two leaders in a relationship do not get along, which means they will have to give in to a woman if she wants to continue the relationship. It is not necessary to harbor illusions that a man will not find another, it is very easy, because the demographic situation is in his favor.

Inadequate woman

Female unpredictability scares the stronger sex, no one wants to blush for their half in a public place, and to live, too, you know, not a gift, if you don’t know at what point your companion will throw out the nonsense. Hence the conclusion - you need to learn to control yourself.

"Rich" past

If in the past the femini had a lecherous lifestyle in priority, then this experience will not please everyone. The attitude is often to this negative, hide, is unlikely to succeed this fact. Therefore, it makes sense to think even in his youth that after 30 years to find a normal man will be difficult. Not everyone will want to have some intimate experience with his woman numerous partners. A man wants to be, if not the first, then not the 51st for sure.

Changes in appearance

For a man, a woman’s appearance plays a significant role, and if he met a graceful girl, then it’s better to stay that way over the years, and not turn into something shapeless with huge buttocks. A strong sex will not survive purely psychologically such transformations in the female body and will lose interest in a woman. Of course, there are those who are delighted with the donuts, but they initially give preference to their choice.

The desire to marry a man

The mistake of many women is a clear desire to marry a man. Some are so obsessed with their idea that they are even ready to get pregnant. If a partner wants this, then marries, if not, then such actions of his girlfriend just scare. Marriage on the fly is often not durable.

Women's treason

The strong floor will forgive a lot except for treason. If it so happened that the betrayal occurred, and the man found out, then you should be prepared that he will make a decision about parting and justifications will not help here. If the relationship is not satisfied, then it is better to say this before the scandal.

Woman earns more

If a woman begins to earn more, then it becomes difficult for her to resist, so as not to reproach her soul mate with this. A partner in such a relationship is psychologically uncomfortable. Conversations aimed at discussing this topic will not contribute to the strengthening of relations, and if the income of the man corresponds to the average level, he will start looking for another woman. Hence the conclusion, earning more, to become wise and to think before you say anything.

Excess care

The main pretension of femins to the stronger sex is that they are selfish. The beautiful half strives to give away everything that it possesses (unlimited care, attention, love, etc.), making the partner feel guilty. A man is not comfortable in such a relationship, and he decides to leave, often without even explaining the reasons that prompted such action.

Summarize. What can you recommend to women, being in a situation where men constantly drop them? It is necessary to study male psychology, as it turned out, it is not at all a primitive, but a very entertaining science, contributing to the strengthening of relations.