A wish list is a term for a wish list written by a person. It brings all the little things, the necessary things, as well as global dreams such as home, travel, financial well-being and so on. The concept of wishlist came from the west, from the doctrine of visualization and the materialization of desires.

A wish list is drawn up as you please: it is recorded in a computer text file, on a room wall, on a paper sheet, on a corkboard or magnetic board.

The development of the Internet allowed the wishlist to gain popularity on special wishlist-sites and, therefore, the concept of wishlist is more expedient to rank as an Internet term and identify it with Internet sources that help in creating wish lists.

The prototype of the vislist appeared in the pre-New Year days, when the children composed letters together with their parents to Santa Claus. Parents actively helped children in the fulfillment of cherished dreams, being privy to their requests. Over time, the tradition was simplified, and it was actively adopted by adults, such letters began to be created for birthdays, for weddings and other dates. Thus, this American culture gradually spread to other countries, becoming mass.

The tradition to create a wishlist has significantly improved understanding between people in a form of relationship such as giving and receiving presents. Not everyone can openly voice their desires in contrast to the Internet resource.

As a collective preparation for donation, the wishlist is a convenient tool to present unique gifts, rather than three identical wedding services.

Most of the Wishlist sites provide an opportunity to publish a link to the product description on the online store or manufacturer's website, mark the estimated price by adding a photo, which will facilitate the purchase of the necessary gift.

When using the personalist wishlist, it allows you to avoid purchases made on emotions and not subsequently used. You can go back to the deferred shopping list, think about desires for a while, and only after that acquire. Some sites do not interfere with the creation of antiviralista, which refers to a list of unwanted gifts.

The disadvantage of the wish list is that a person, having fulfilled, someone's wish from the wishlist, will deprive him of the element of surprise. On the other hand, the wish list helps not to be mistaken with the choice of a present.

How to make a wishlist

For any holiday, be it New Year, wedding, Birthday, everyone would like to receive a gift. Someone is dreaming about a trip to Goa, someone will be delighted with a pleasant trifle, and someone wants everything at once. Preferences in gifts are different for everyone. To correctly visualize and organize the wish list, as well as to help relatives and friends who wish to sincerely please you, a correctly drawn wish list will help.

So, we make the list of desires. Some lead him to remember his cherished dreams, and sometimes to return to what has already been achieved, thinking about how to implement or acquire the rest in the wish list.

The most common way to use this list is in the form of a memo or a “cheat sheet” for loved ones who may wish to congratulate them on the upcoming holiday.

It often happens that the gifts are duplicated and the person bestowed does not feel enthusiastic about such gifts. In this case, the list will come to the rescue.

In the wishlist must include all the ideas and things that are interesting. After that, relatives will have a reference point, what do you want. Determine the gift will be easier for them, and you enjoy it.

It should be included in the list of presents of different price categories, because the financial possibilities are different for everyone. Of course, you will want to include in the list difficult-to-get gifts, but it is important to take into account the capabilities of loved ones. But it is possible that friends will throw off and buy one common gift, thereby making you happy. So expensive gifts can also not be excluded from the list of desires.

It is advisable to add rare, but affordable items to the wish list, because they can remember about your holiday at the last moment. And then the Internet will come to the rescue, where you can order, for example, a thermocup, a case for a tablet, coffee, a purse, etc., if you need these things.

If there is a desire to get a specific model of the electric kettle or a handbag of a certain color, then it is important to indicate such details.

Making a wishlist online on web sites, you can describe the desired thing by attaching its image or links to online stores where you can buy it. Such actions will help friends quickly navigate with the gift.

Wedding wishlist

Writing gift lists is no longer something new to many couples, as the benefits of the wishlist speak for themselves. With it, you can save the guests from the thrilling thoughts, which pick gifts that really please, will be remembered for many years. And most importantly, the risk of giving gifts, for example, with the same technique or dishes will be minimized.

By compiling a wedding wish list, you can take advantage of online platforms created for the occasion.

A wish list must be clear, with clearly articulated ideas. For convenience, we recommend grouping gifts into categories, for example, "dishes", "gift certificates", "decor", "household appliances", "bed linen" and so on. The number of categories is not limited and depends on the fantasy.

There is no need to limit the number of gifts, the list should be expanded so that, who viewed the list at the last moment, they could choose a gift in the price category that suits them, and not the one that remained.

When compiling a wishlist, it is important to take into account the different income levels of the invited people, therefore, it will be appropriate to indicate the price of the gift.

It will be useful to add a detailed description of each gift, so that guests understand what they should buy. It is necessary to specify everything: texture, brand, color, characteristics. You can add a photo of the gift.

Specify rare or fancy gifts should not be. Simplify the search for guests - specify those names that are available in the free market.

It would be appropriate in the list to indicate references to the desired models with the article and addresses of online stores where gifts are presented.

It is important to have time to create a wishlist before sending out wedding invitations and inform about it simultaneously with the invitations to the celebration or after accepting the invitation.

It is possible to inform about the list of desired gifts both at the time of sending the invitation to the wedding, and after confirming the presence at the holiday, but no later than 1 month before the celebration, so that guests do not have time to decide for themselves and buy a gift in advance.

On the web sites, making a wishlist online, the following function is provided: so that there are no identical presents, there is a gift booking service. Those invited to the celebration may note that it is they who wish to give, while maintaining intrigue, since only guests will become familiar with this information, and this will be a surprise for those who marry. And only, for example, all the guests will know that bath towels are no longer necessary, they are given by Petrovs.

Having indicated which event the gifts are intended for, the reverse report of the days will be marked on the wish list and it will be difficult for guests to forget to buy gifts by the deadline.

A link to the wedding wishlist should be sent to guests or published on social networks.

By a similar principle, as for the wedding, a birthday list or a housewarming party is drawn up. There is no need to postpone the opportunity to draw a wish list for any celebration, it’s so nice to receive presents and thank for the fact that it’s really necessary, and not artificially, to create an image of a contented person who has received another unnecessary thing.

We hope that the wishlist saves the time of the guests and will please you with those gifts that you want to receive for the celebration.