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How to get rid of obsessive thoughts

How to get rid of obsessive thoughts and anxiety? It would seem that terrible in thoughts that invariably arise in the head, distracting from current events. However, this position is fundamentally erroneous, because obsessive thoughts deplete a person, pursuing him, they take energy, take time and destructive effects on health, interfere with enjoying their own being. Life is transient, therefore every minute should be appreciated and not wasted. Obsessive thoughts can greatly complicate the daily existence. Psychology calls annoying thoughts an obsessive-compulsive disorder and offers a variety of methods of liberation from them.

Tips to get rid of obsessions yourself

Modern information abundance, which a person has to process daily, provides individuals with the necessary knowledge, but often leads to incorrect perception of this information. Pesky ideas visit everyone, but for some people they “settle down” for a long time and greatly complicate their existence, often taking on the scale of mental deviation, especially if they are caused by mental injuries in the present or are connected with past shocks. There are many varieties of similar psychoemotional deviations. In most situations, you can get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears yourself using simple methods and special exercises.

Frequent causes of anxiety and annoying thoughts about impending horrors or failures that may occur are emotional blows that occurred earlier.

Obsessions can be based on the fear of repeating an undesirable situation and not understanding how to get out of it. At the same time, similar thoughts may appear groundless. Accumulating, fears and anxieties provoke a nervous overstrain leading, first of all, to dysfunction of the digestive tract. The most common disorder arising from an imbalance of the emotional background is a gastric ulcer, followed by myocardial dysfunction.

In addition, the constant impact of stressors and obsessive thoughts give rise to the following problems:

- various addictions, for example, food, alcohol;

- overweight, which is the result of overeating or abundant production of the hormone cortisol (with emotional shock, cortisol is thrown into the bloodstream in order to help the body to overcome difficulties, but with prolonged stress, this hormone inhibits the metabolism);

- ailments of the reproductive system due to hormonal surges (malfunctions in the hormonal cycle, disruption of the genital microflora are noted, neoplasms often appear, a decrease in potency, a deterioration in the quality of sperm);

- weakening of immunity, as a result of which the body becomes easily susceptible to various infections;

- there are mental disorders caused by depressive moods (suicidal tendencies, complexes, phobias, mental illnesses).

Therefore, it is recommended to use any methods that help get rid of obsessive thoughts and anxiety.

First of all, in order to eliminate anxiety and obsessive thoughts on your own, it is recommended to allow the positive to settle in the shower. It is necessary to try to control the flow of thoughts, avoiding negative evaluations of reality, thoughts with a minus sign. In the event of a bad thought, an unpleasant association, a bad image, you should immediately switch your attention to any pleasant event or memory. You can also indulge in encouraging dreams or the rainbow planning of tomorrow's life. It is necessary to recall life events when a person felt like the most happy, successful, loved, successful, and to remember these emotions, to be able to turn to them when apathy starts, they will overcome sad thoughts, depressive thoughts.

People are immersed in their own world, filled with despondency and indifference to what is happening, when they lack positive emotions. This often leads to depressed moods, and sometimes can give rise to a real depression.

If it is hard to switch to pleasant thoughts or memories, then it is recommended to acquire an interesting hobby or other activity to your liking. For example, you can start going to the pool, water has the property to eliminate the negative, enroll in the sports section, because sport contributes to the production of the hormone of happiness. In addition to the beneficial effects of physical education classes on a person’s sincere mood, sport also takes up free time, which leaves no opportunity to indulge in grief or to succumb to obsessive thoughts and anxiety.

It is necessary to put into habit small breaks that dilute active daily life activity. Man is a living, functioning organism, and he needs normal rest. A common cause of obsessive thoughts and anxiety is banal overwork.

It is also recommended to allow yourself a little “laze” during the day, for example, to watch an interesting movie, to read a novel. This will eliminate anxiety.

When obsessive thoughts are the result of the habit of “grinding up” daily events, reproducing again and again in your head, you can just take it off yourself. First of all, it should be recognized that not all thoughts are logical, intelligent and true. After all, thoughts that are constantly reproduced by the brain are not necessarily part of the surrounding reality. Often, the obsessions are illogical and completely inadequate. You should know that thought is only a reflection of the conditions of individuals' existence, their mood, moral guidelines, values, mood, life circumstances, outlook, imagination, reading and outlook. Entanglement and the intricacies of all these components in the brain often give rise to obsessive ideas.

Confronting an internal conversation, as well as ignoring it, is not only meaningless, but often dangerous. Since a person with such behavior independently drives his own person into a trap where panic and anxiety reign. Therefore, it is recommended to realize the presence of obsessive thoughts, to recognize the very fact of their presence. After that, you should try to become an onlooker, looking at the ongoing "dance" of thoughts from the side. In this case it is necessary to avoid even the slightest attempt to analyze them. Questions like "why these thoughts appear", "what led to them" will be put back into a trap.

It must be remembered that annoying internal dialogue is only a stream of thoughts, to believe in which is not necessary. Here it is more important to listen to your own feelings, which arise as a result of annoying thoughts. Perhaps a person experiences anger, irritation, joy, sadness, or he is overcome by denial. These emotions should not be afraid, we must accept them and live. Such a process will lead to transformations in the psyche. The consequence of this will be the attenuation of the described sensations and the restoration of spiritual comfort.

In this case, one should not expect instant relief from obsessive thoughts and anxiety. You need to prepare yourself for the fact that the process of release from the yoke of annoying thoughts is quite long. Therefore, you should closely familiarize yourself with relaxation techniques. After all, the brain also needs rest and constantly unnerving thoughts will exhaust it. Various breathing practices, self-hypnosis, auto-training can help relax and eliminate unnecessary stress.

It is also recommended not to avoid social contacts. Since the friendly interaction helps to distract from obsessive thoughts and attune to the positive. And the conscious protection of oneself from society will only aggravate the condition and strengthen the symptoms.

Methods of getting rid of obsessive thoughts

Most psychologists agree that obsessive states often arise as a result of traumatic events. At the same time, it is not necessary to witness the tragedy or experience the sudden demise of a loved one. In some people, the departure from the life of a pet can become a trigger, since it will generate deep emotional experiences that cannot be overcome by the individual psyche due to any reasons.

Before you stand on the path to combat obsessive thoughts, it is necessary to understand the following:

- the situation is not resolved by itself, if you constantly think about it;

- any annoying thought is devoid of a rational foundation, while, if it is caused by a specific problem, then this problem must be solved, there is no point in thinking constantly about it;

- eliminate intrusive internal dialogues will not work through reflection and finding logical reasoning.

Today, many methods have been developed that allow one to cope with annoying internal dialogue independently.

Below are several ways to get rid of obsessive thoughts in your head yourself.

As already stated above, first of all, it is necessary to stop fighting with pesky thoughts, because this battle is losing in advance. Obsessive thoughts so take away the strength and energy of the person, and if the individual also consciously begins to pay attention to them, plunging into negative experiences deeper and deeper, then he will simply weaken his own body. Here you can use one well-known expression: "In order not to think of a black cat, one must recall the purple dog." This statement can be found in various variations, but the meaning remains unchanged.

When obsessive thoughts begin to prevail, it is recommended to mentally imagine that there is a “delete” button in the brain, which should be clicked, and switch attention to topical activities or more pleasant things.

Creativity is one of the most effective ways to get rid of neurosis-like states. It is necessary to write on a sheet of paper about everything that torments, causes inconvenience, which interferes with a comfortable existence.

You can draw problems. In this case, it does not matter whether there are artistic abilities. Here the beauty and clarity of the lines is not important, the main thing is to give freedom to your own imagination.

You can sculpt a disturbing problem out of clay or plasticine, or cut it out of colored cardboard. The main thing is to allow yourself to do everything that at the moment the soul wants, to express the tormenting ideas in the most convenient way. After the work done, you must carefully listen to the sensations inside. If you don’t want to write more, draw or blind, then it’s time to get rid of obsessive thoughts and anxiety yourself. You can break it into tiny pieces, burn it, throw it away, launch it by plane, crush it, crush your own "creation".

Challenging fantasies, ideas and feelings can be transformed into new opportunities, resources, development zone. For example, if the thought of a non-switched iron or unlocked door is eternally pursued, then you need to start developing your own attention and memory. Besides the fact that it will help to remember the iron off, also these skills will contribute to the work and greatly facilitate everyday life.

In order to get rid of obsessive thoughts and anxiety, it is recommended to try to identify patterns of their occurrence. For example, disturbing thoughts begin to prevail closer to the evening time or early in the morning. Maybe they arise only because the subconscious of the person wants to help the person - to evade from undesirable business, work, call. Intrusive thoughts can be a peculiar bell signaling the need to look back on one’s own life: boring work may have become disgruntled or tortured life. When obsessions appear, it is important to understand what triggered the trigger.

The method of distraction of attention proved to be no less effective in getting rid of obsessions. After all, sometimes a person needs so little to feel happy - to hear the sound of the sea, to see the sunset, to enjoy the singing of spring birds. Sometimes you can stare at the fire and forget about all situations disturbing the soul, as if time has stopped and everything has stopped. This is due to the fact that the brain, being distracted by various dynamic processes, believes that the others are not so significant, and therefore any sticky and draining thoughts, emotions, images go away, as a result of which the individual feels relaxed, feels a surge of strength, and also inspires him . Therefore, the more often to occupy the brain with different tasks, the lower the probability of the appearance of a neurosis.

It is also necessary to realize that when an individual from the outside accepts obsessive thoughts and commits certain actions as a result of their influence, he must take responsibility for these actions, as well as their consequences. Do not shift the responsibility on pursuing thoughts. Once a person acted in accordance with them, therefore, it was he who accepted them. In addition, it was not the thoughts that produced the actions, but the individual himself.

In order to get rid of obsessions, it is recommended to stop constantly reproducing thoughts and engage in self-suggestion. Since it is self-suggestion that has enormous power. Thanks to him, you can eliminate pain, heal a psychosomatic disorder, or improve mental state. The method of self-hypnosis is widely used in psychotherapy.

Once in a crisis situation, the individual unconsciously begins to make statements that can only worsen the condition. Connect self-suggestion, leading to a sense of complete impotence, feelings of despair, longing, a variety of disorders and ailments. If a person began to notice that he constantly repeats a negative attitude, then it is recommended to replace it with the opposite one, trying to repeat it more often.

Also, for self-deliverance from obsessive thoughts and anxiety, you should consciously abandon the hidden interests and benefits. No matter how unnatural it would seem, but an individual overwhelmed with exhausting annoying thoughts often seeks imaginary benefit for his own person in their presence. At the same time they do not admit this to themselves. Psychologists call this phenomenon "secondary benefit."

When it seems that the benefit of torment surpasses the benefit of spiritual comfort. However, this is only self-deception, so you should try to find and understand the "secondary benefit." Only after that the individual will succeed in eradicating obsession and finding a way out of the existing situation.

People suffering from pursuing obsessive thoughts should be aware of the absurdity of these thoughts. Several coherent rational theses contribute to exposing the absurdity of tormenting their thoughts. It is important that the arguments are clear, concise and concise. In a long dispute with your own obsessive thoughts is better not to enter. Because such behavior is doomed to failure. Such a dialogue will end with the emotions that prevail over the mind.

There is a certain group of pesky thoughts, which is easier to overcome than other obsessive thoughts. They are characterized by connection with certain actions, the future, which is in the hands of people. To the described group can be attributed the fear of the future, consequences, loneliness. This also ranks the popular question of how to get rid of obsessive thoughts about a person.

The basis of these fears is trivial indecision. You need to stop worrying and start acting. It should look straight in the eyes of their own fears. After all, it is not known in advance whether they are justified or not, it is not known tomorrow it will be as it seems anyway. The only way to find out is to test empirically what will happen next. Fears of self-dispel, when a person is convinced that the reasons for anxiety simply do not exist. It is necessary to concentrate your own will in the fist and follow in the forward direction.

You should also understand that the problem is best solved in a complex. Before embarking on the implementation of the above methods, it is necessary to review your daily routine and daily diet. It is recommended to minimize the consumption of psychoactive drugs. It is better to replace herbal infusions with an emphasis on sedative herbs, habitual caffeinated beverages and tea. Effective will be the collection, consisting of Hypericum, Valeriana officinalis and mint. The effect of this drink can be multiplied with the help of buckwheat honey.

As mentioned above, to get rid of obsessive states, it is necessary to diversify your own leisure, so as not to leave even the minimum opportunity for intrusive thoughts to seize the mind of the individual. It is necessary to exclude idleness from everyday life. Therefore, the day should be painted literally every minute. You can not leave even seconds for destructive reflection.

In addition to the above, it is necessary to conduct daily psychological work with you. Эта работа должна быть направлена на ликвидацию из головы мучающих мыслей.It is easier to make it when there is an understanding that every thought is only a tiny part of a person himself, which is caused by the habitat, upbringing, environment and many other things. Therefore, you should not identify yourself with obsessive thoughts. Only after this postulate has been accepted by the individual and has been learned can one proceed to the next steps.

Obsessions are difficult to resist, and to destroy them is almost impossible. This statement is recognized in order to move on. Destructive thoughts must be ignored without engaging in "demagogy" with them.

It is also not recommended to get rid of the sensations generated by these thoughts. These emotions should live to the end, to feel them until the moment of complete disappearance.

No need to dive into your own inner world, giving complete self-control to obsessive thoughts. It is better to pay attention to the riot of colors and the diversity of real-world events.