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How to survive a relationship break

How to survive a relationship break, if the separation became inevitable, and by itself there was a disturbing question: how to live on? Separation is almost familiar to every individual. Psychology considers separation as one of the types of losses. When a person experiences a break in relations, he inevitably goes through certain stages.

The first is denial. A person cannot believe that they broke up with him, and something irreparable happened. He makes plans, cherishes hope and consoles himself that the break in relations is inconclusive, and the second half will call, come and everything will be as before.

The second is anger. Awareness of a breakup leads to anger. The person is indignant inside or openly. In the address of the former partner there are words of accusation of inaction and passivity regarding the preservation of relations.

The third is bargaining. The person begins to bargain with himself or with a former partner, trying thereby to resume the relationship. Experiencing a break in relations, a person sets a time limit for himself, thereby determining the time interval during which he can regain a lover. Thus, the human psyche tries to cope with parting and get used to this state.

Fourth, this is depression. At a certain point there comes the realization that there is no point in denying separation. And then overcomes despair, sadness, apathy.

All of the above manifestations are attributed to the completely natural, and each person experiences them in a situation of separation.

New life. This stage is marked by independent life. A person has new plans, strengths and a desire to carry them out.

How to survive a relationship break? Psychologists say that the process of experiencing a break in relations stretches from 3 months to 3 years. The duration of the experience depends on many factors and factors. In addition, these experiences are marked by such a property as reversibility. This means that at any time after the start of a new life, a memory can helpfully throw a person back into memory. And again overcomes despair, sadness, anger.

How to survive a break with your loved one? Separation is unbearable because it makes adjustments to the usual way of life. If the break in relations is initiated by a beloved partner, then in addition the self-esteem of an abandoned person suffers. The realization that we have neglected our beloved (s) is unsettling.

How to survive the break in relations and find a way out of this stressful situation? This question worries many abandoned people. The most difficult thing after a break is to stop suffering and put an end to past relationships, while starting a happy, new life.

To break the pain was not - do not hold your loved one. Psychologists, on the contrary, advise to let go of their former partner without regret and build their own separate, independent life.

Turning over the next page of fate, walk boldly through life. Only after being freed from the burden of the past will the desired relief come. Chasing obsessive thoughts, let us set yourself a mindset on the prohibition to think about the past. It is very important and quite difficult to accept a breakup. However, this is the most correct. Throw away despair and melancholy. After analyzing the relationship and making conclusions, forget about them.

How to survive the breakup and become happy? If the former darling does not want to support communication anymore, then a strong resentment does not allow him to behave differently. Think what was wrong in the relationship. Analyze your mistakes in order not to repeat them in the future and start living with positive thoughts.

How to survive a breakup with a man

When it is not at all on its own - put on the mask of a successful woman, and having entered this image, experience positive emotions and all possible sensations associated with this state. Actions, like words, can heal the soul, restore your mental balance. Do not stop praising yourself, even for the smallest little things. In front of the mirror, admire yourself, give yourself compliments. It’s quite difficult to love yourself when experiencing a relationship break, but this is very important. Do not stop loving yourself, because it is necessary in order to further adjust your personal life.

The next important point is the forgiveness of the former. Realize that the other person also has the right to privacy. Avoid negative memories, discussions with friends of the former, because the accumulation of reproaches, anger, hatred destroys the female personality from the inside.

How to quickly survive the breakup? First of all, mentally let go of your former partner, do not build plans for revenge, do not cultivate negative things in yourself, do not beg for pity. Release the insult and forgive your partner. Without doing this, a person will not be able to enjoy life, easily enter into a new relationship, and self-improve.

Surviving a long-term relationship is much more difficult. In this case, psychologists advise to look at this situation from a different angle. Breaking long-term relationships can allow long-term dreams to come true that have been postponed for better times due to lack of time. Write down all your opportunities, prospects, which appeared in connection with the rupture of relations. Be sure to discover the benefits of parting, just need to think, and by implementing these benefits, life will sparkle with new colors.

How to survive the gap after a long relationship? Some personalities hit their heads in the work. In a difficult period after the break in relations - this can serve as a way out of this situation. Surviving the gap after a long relationship is complicated by the struggle with loneliness and this despite the fact that a person is in society. Communicating with people can not fill the feelings of a loved one, even if this communication previously brought pleasure. No people can take the place of the one who is no longer with the abandoned person.

How men experience a relationship break

Often, men have a feeling of universal emptiness. These emotions are acutely manifested when the relationship collapses unexpectedly, groundless, literally from scratch and if the abandoned man was emotionally dependent on the woman. In this case, men are under great stress, and one of the reasons for such a response is a male secretive character. Representatives of the stronger sex, all emotions hold in themselves and do not spill them out. If adrenaline rises in the blood, the reaction will be as follows:

  • wounds and grievances will be flooded with alcohol;
  • going to the gym and breaking fists in the blood;
  • driving at high speed, etc.

Psychological studies have found that men are more susceptible to what is happening in relationships, and their psyche in this situation is weaker than the feminine.

Psychologists have noticed that it is often harder to endure a break in relations between people dependent on partners. Dependency is not a manifestation of love; rather, on the contrary, it develops from self-dislike. An addicted person does not love himself and is looking for this love in another person. It seems to him that only in a pair he will be protected and happy. However, life proves that this is far from being the case, and if love is absent inside, then it is not outside.

The abandoned person must realize that as long as he treats himself without respect, love, then the partners will also treat him. Having fallen in love with himself, a person will allow himself to be treated as well and will be able to give love to a loving person who will meet without fail.

Only over time, a person begins to understand that parting with a partner was inevitable in his life and this step was not made in vain. But now, it seems that life has lost its colors, there is no sense in it, because the joy has gone from the usual life moments.

Psychologist tips on how to survive a relationship break include the following:

- remember that life is short and it continues, hurry to fill it with new, interesting events;

- separation is a difficult period through which almost everyone in life passes, knowing this, just endure it and it will definitely end;

- stop consciously hurt yourself;

- do not write letters to the former (s), do not pursue him (s) - this prolongs the suffering;

- constant observation of the page on the social network of the former (s) only causes a feeling of frustration and emptiness, since it is difficult to distance oneself from the object of affection and to start living again without it (—noe);

- do not be tempted to write a sad letter;

- wishing to recover from the soul, move away from the former (s);

- do not be alone - attend karaoke with friends, etc .;

- sign up in the sports club, swimming pool;

- learn something new, previously unknown to yourself;

- do not refuse dating, dating;

- spend the maximum of your time fun and with interest, enjoy life;

- update your wardrobe, perfume, your image, and get rid of the old one;

- remove the mobile number of the former partner so that there is no temptation in unnecessary calls in moments of despair;

- you should not avoid places where you have been with your former beloved (s), but rather spend your time with friends in these places, to realize that without him (-this) life has not stopped in its place.

These tips, being simple, are actually very effective.

How to survive a relationship break - forums give interesting advice to women about this problem. You can use the following:

- a smile instead of tears when meeting with the former, as well as a sour look often gives interesting results;

- if the gap is inevitable, then part with the former favorite first;

- the head is taller, about nothing, not regretting stepping confidently so that the doubt settles in the soul of the former;

- one should get rid of the psychology of the victim, otherwise such relationships will repeat;

- it is necessary to understand that recovery is often very painful and for it to begin - it is required to hear the truth about your relationship from the outside;

- do not feel sorry for yourself, because it is a disservice;

- make appropriate conclusions about your life, so that you do not repeat mistakes in the future.