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Wheel of Life Balance

The life of each person is a long story in which she planned to write one story, and for some reason wrote a completely different one. The most offensive for each person is that when a comparison takes place between what has actually been achieved in life and what was planned to be accomplished, it overtakes disappointment in lost opportunities. And it is the wheel of life balance that makes it possible to understand what kind of life needs to be paid special attention in order not to regret the lost opportunities. On average, the exercise takes 12 minutes, the advantage of the method is that it allows you to visualize the result, which makes it clear where to go next.

It often happens that people, setting a specific goal, are zealous in achieving the desired by all means. Squeezing and not sparing themselves, they sacrifice sleep, personal time, relationships with loved ones and health. And having reached the goal, you realize that this is not what you really want, and the illusion of happiness shatters into miserable fragments. The result is - depression, frustration, resentment. Most people rely on social significance and achievements: to climb the career ladder, to become famous, significant, successful, rich, and so on. However, many people forget that in addition to success, career and fame, there are other significant areas of life: love, family, health, personal development.

Once there comes a moment when a person thinks about how harmonious her life is, whether she is happy, whether something needs to be changed, for example, to stop “going with the flow” or, conversely, slow down in the race for success. Only a harmonious combination of life spheres will help in achieving happiness and lead to a balance.

What it is

If you want to know what it is the wheel of life balance, then you can attend special trainings on this topic. In these classes, coaches will explain in detail how to put in order important life areas. The maximum speed is the advantage of the described method, which has gained wide popularity and is used during trainings in coaching groups.

Modern reality imposes harsh living and working conditions, which are often difficult psychologically to cope with. If you chase everything, much is overlooked, which in turn leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction or spent nerves, worsens health or relationships with loved ones. To overcome such feelings, according to coaches, you can observe a balance in life spheres. The main task of a coach is to help a person through continuous contact with him to find answers within himself, what he lacks in life and how he can achieve the desired result.

Coach is currently one of the popular professions. Attitude to coaches is not unambiguous. Often these people have nothing to do with psychology or have gone through accelerated courses. The coach does not give answers to the questions posed, his task is to motivate a person to personally achieve goals, to find the necessary ways and solutions to problem situations.

A coach develops psychological attitudes among clients, helping them to make the necessary decisions on an intuitive level. His task is not to teach, not to instruct, not to give answers.

How to relate to coaching, to decide each individual person, but it is important to consider that not all coaches have sufficient skills and knowledge, many make mistakes, impose personal opinion, thereby causing harm. Inappropriate behavior undermines coaching authority. Sometimes the intuition of the person himself can be the best coach, it remains only to learn how to hear it.

How to make a life balance wheel

Understand how at this moment balanced life will allow the wheel of life balance. It shows how satisfied a person is with his life as a whole, and will indicate where to go next, which particular spheres of life should be given special attention.

The wheel of life balance consists of 8 segments: family, health, relationships, finances, leisure, career, spirituality, personal growth.

Family: children, parents, relatives, close friends

Health: energy, recovery, well-being

Relationships: relationship with a partner, love

Finance: income, expenses, liabilities, assets

Recreation: communication, travel, hobbies, entertainment, sleep

Career: place of work, professional skills, career growth

Spirituality: Emotions, Mental State

Personal growth: realizing potential, personal development

Technique in the wheel of life balance is simple. It is necessary to draw a diagram in the form of a circle, dividing it into 8 sectors. Each sector to sign: family, health, relationships, spirituality, personal growth, finance, leisure, career.

This chart is a reflection of a perfect life. Now the subject needs to evaluate on a 10-point scale the level of satisfaction with each area of ​​life.

0, 1, 2, 3 - this is the absence or slight satisfaction;

4, 5, 6, 7 - the average degree of satisfaction;

8, 9, 10 - maximum satisfaction with this area.

All assessments are subjective and very individual. It is important to be honest, to adequately evaluate each area based on personal feelings.

If it is difficult to assess, then you can ask yourself some leading questions of such a plan:

Do I like what I do in a professional field?

Do I want to change jobs?

Am I happy with my income?

Am I spending enough time with my family?

Do relationships with my husband / wife suit me?

My health makes me happy? I like myself, how do I look? Health wants to be better?

Is my potential fully realized?

Am I traveling enough? Am I satisfied with my personal growth?

The next point is to display the results obtained in the diagram. Then analyze what happened. Ideally, the life balance wheel should turn out to be round in order for it to "roll." However, in practice, this is observed sporadically. It is required to evaluate the unsuccessful points of the spheres of life balance. Consider how you can influence them, what you need to devote more time and attention.

It is important to understand which areas are able to influence favorably on others. For example, if you improve your health, you can work more and earn money, which will allow you to have a good rest with your family and go somewhere.

If the connection between the spheres is not visible, then there is no need to despair, but you should work on unsuccessful areas for six months.

To do this, you need to set 2-3 goals that will allow you to move up the point in the wheel of life balance, making life more harmonious. For this it is important to make a plan to achieve the desired.

So, the life balance wheel allows you to determine how balanced a person’s life is and helps to understand which areas of life should be worked on. The proposed exercise is quickly remembered, it is possible to repeat without a coach, it is effective when an additional planning tool is needed. The technology of the method is so simple and needs only a piece of paper and a quarter of an hour of free time.